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Guide to setting-up Umano

Everything you need to know to get up and running on Umano

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Quickstart to your Team's Project Space

Explore key features and possibilities

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Metrics to Measure Team Productivity & Engagement

Umano transforms your team's agile delivery practices through a unique approach to modelling performance

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Agile Copilot: Meet ojo™

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Agile Toolkit: Planner, Tracker & Reviewer for iteration and longer-term horizons

Planner, Tracker and Reviewer tools for Active & Macro Cycles

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Define a 'Play' (with Goals, Guardrails and Practices) to focus continuous improvement effort and impact

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Guide to managing Umano spaces

This catalogue provides an overview of how you can edit, delete or add tools within your organisation’s Workspace. We’ll also share how you can edit and add project sources and contributors within your Project Space.

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Assisting jobs to be done in high performing teams

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Assisting different roles in high performing teams

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Umano Glossary

At Umano, we believe wisdom beats wizardry. That’s why we’ve included a glossary to demystify some of the terms you will encounter in Umano, ensuring we can align as quickly as possible on the journey to help your team succeed. If there’s a term that we’ve missed that you’re curious about its meaning, then simply email us on so we can explain it for you and add it to our Glossary. Take a deeper dive into some of the terms we apply and what they refer to in the Umano-verse.

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Umano Subscription Plans

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