Unlike other engineering analytics tools that are limited to tracking team outputs from their source control tools, Umano employs an agility-led, team centric model that observes the behaviours and practices of the team as they interact with their delivery tools.

This behaviour-led approach to analytics captures a deeper understanding of agile team performance, which allows for more granular understanding, analysis and effective targeting on the practices and behaviours that most impact a team's performance.

Customer Components:

Umano's data flow is built on observing and mapping our customer's repeatable, scalable way of working. To do this, Umano is built on four key customer components. Let's discuss each of these.


  • The software tools teams use to achieve their goals

  • Applicable software tools include Issue Trackers, Wikis, Source Control and Chat

Project Source

  • The dedicated instance within a tool that a team uses to collaborate and carry out activities related to achieving their goals

  • Applicable project sources include Boards, Spaces or Pages, Repositories and channels

Project Contributor

  • All members identified within Project Sources that may or may not be part of the team, whose activity is contributing the Performance Scores.


  • Project contributors selected within Project Sources that are considered core team members, as defined by and recognised by Umano as contributing to team communication & collaboration metrics.

Umano Components

Once Umano is able to access the customer components, Umano collates and curates customer data to create our own components which are compiled to create your Team Performance Summary, Charts and Reports.


  • Drivers are relevant data points from within project sources that directly contribute to or influence an Agile Success Metric.

Agile Success Metric

  • A measure that quantifies agile ways of working for teams.

  • Example team metrics include Lead Time, Collaboration and Time to Merge.

Performance Score

  • The value calculated for each agile success metric for a specified period of time.

  • Scores are presented as an absolute number, percentage or unit of time.

Rolling Performance (Usual) Score

  • The median performance Score from a team’s prior six intervals.

Performance Attribute

  • Agile delivery team characteristics; Agile practice outcomes that teams aspire to optimize for improve performance.

  • Example attributes include Build Speed, Review Progress and Communication

Team Workflow

  • Key elements of a team’s repeatable, scalable way of working, exemplifying their team culture and ability to meet goals.

  • Umano displays attributes, scores and metrics for Design & Build, Review and Engagement workflows.

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