Before looking at your individual Umano account, let's take a quick look at the Umano admin system. Each Umano account will be part of at least one organisation and any number of projects owned by the organisation. An orgnisation is an entity that connects Umano plans, projects and accounts together.

Organisation Workspace

A customer’s dedicated Umano environment, identified and accessed through a unique url (for example,

A Workspace can contain as many Project Spaces that a Project t owner chooses to create.

Your workspace is managed by your Umano Account Administrator, the person who creates your Umano account and whose email has been used when creating the account.


A customer account is created for each organisation workspace that is created. An account is the chargeable entity to which fees related to monthly and annual subscriptions are charged.

Project Space

A Team’s personalised performance dashboard, Project spaces can be thought of as containers for your Umano data.

Your team’s Project Space is a chargeable unit of value within Umano. An account is charged for each Project Space added to a Workspace.


Users are people granted access to view a Project Space on Umano. Up to 10 Users are included in the charge of a Project Space.

Additional Users can be provided access to a Project Space, applying a monthly User subscription fee.

Next Steps

The Guide to setting-up Umano will walk you through the process of setting up Umano for your teams.

Any user looking to set-up a new team Project Space or manage an existing team Project Space should start here.

If your Project Space already has Tools and Sources connected, you're ready to begin learning about the insights that your Team Performance Summary can provide and the capabilities in Umano.

For a better understanding of Key Terms, used in Umano, visit the Umano Glossary.

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